Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Electro-Optics Program

Russell C. Hardie

Signal & Image Processing Lab

Laboratory Description


The Signal and Image Processing Laboratory is located in Kettering Labs KL351B and is a facility designed to support graduate and undergraduate research in signal and image processing.


The lab is equipped with four signal/image processing workstations:


 Station A: Linux PC workstation with MATLAB. This workstation is used to support image processing algorithm and software development in a Linux environment.


 Station B: Audio processing workstation with YMEC realtime analyzer software and MATLAB. The PC has a Soundblaster X-Fi sound card. We have a Mackie 402-VLZ3 4-Channel Ultra Compact Mixer and Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Microphone. With this station, researchers can make a number of professional acoustic measurements and apply signals and systems theory to audio analysis, processing and synthesis.


 Station C: Real-time signal processing workstation. This PC is equipped with Altera Quartus II software and is used to program FPGA boards such as the Altera DE2. Students have developed custom audio effects such as digital delay and equalizers.


 Station D: Image and video acquisition workstation. This workstation includes a PC with MATLAB connected to a pan-and-tilt camera mount. Several cameras are available including a Creative Ultra Webcam Live!, grayscale and color USB cameras from the Imaging Source, and a FLIR Systems infrared camera. With this workstation we use MATLAB to control the pan-and-tilt mount and acquire and processing live video using the image acquisition toolbox.


The lab is also equipped with a multimedia wall with a 50 plasma display and two powered studio speakers. Other equipment includes a radio-controlled blimp, Lego NXT robots with bluetooth adaptor, and Casio musical keyboard.




Dr. Russell C. Hardie (Director)

Dr. John Loomis

Kettering Labs at the University of Dayton

Signal and Image Processing Lab KL351B

YMEC Realtime Analyzer

Altera DE2 board



RC blimp